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zfishbook Update History

01/27/2012 Added links within each line summary page to the next and previous lines that have at least one summary expression picture. This is to avoid paging through numerous lines that may not have any expression pictures.
12/16/2011 Added FAQ page to address common questions about our science and technology.
12/16/2011 Added "Source Plasmids" report to easily see which lines use the same plasmids.
08/09/2011 Updated algorithm to calculate the number of active lines and initial lines count on homepage.
06/30/2011 RSS feed now working for zfishbook update history page (feed URL is: http://www.zfishmeta.org/backend/updates.rss)
06/29/2011 Added "Go Fish Game" message ("zfishbook, do you have any ____ lines?") to the home page, which randomly polls values from image tags
06/29/2011 Added "New User Tutorials" link from homepage to help new users more easily navigate zfishbook.
06/28/2011 Implemented sorting by tagged gene name on Tagged Gene List page.
06/28/2011 Change "PATO Keyword" on each line's topic page to "Zebrafish Ontology Terms". Terms listed are dynamically pulled from image tags and are sorted alphabetically.
06/27/2011 Added "Retire Line" script to automatically change all things necessary to mark a line as retired within the system. (internal)
06/15/2011 Lines can now be categorized as "Neural", "Non-Neural" or "Kidney-only". This will be used by cryo team members to determine which behavior assays to run before pulling all live fish off system.
06/13/2011 Added inventory information to each line's topic page, which indicates how many live fish (tanks + population) and how many cryo samples exist for that line.
06/09/2011 Implemented tracking system to track Line and Plasmid requests to improve turnaround times. (internal)
06/06/2011 Added "Line Jump" feature to quickly jump to any line's topic page just by typing the line number.
04/18/2011 Implemented new Zebrafish Core Facility Service/Maintenance Report (internal)
03/30/2011 Implemented Zebrafish Core Facility "Charge Out Monthly Billing Reports" (internal)
03/28/2011 Added Zebrafish Core Facility "Equipment Usage" start/stop timer to record equipment usage into database for automated billing. (internal)
03/21/2011 Added "Find my fish in facility" link on MyFish page. This links to "Rack Info" page and highlights all the user's tanks. (internal)
03/21/2011 Created "ZCF Charge Out Form" to eliminate hand record keeping of tasks Zebrafish Core Facility staff charges to clients. (internal)
03/14/2011 Completed changes to image tagging, including verifying tags are ontology compliant. Adding new tags also walks the ontology tree upwards and records the entire tree. Updated all existing image tags to utilize the new system.
03/07/2011 Implemented "Lab Ownership" framework. This allows blocks of lines to be generated and assigned to a particular lab. Permissions to view data are enforced according to configured settings.
02/28/2011 Implemented HighCharts JavaScript graphing on Zebrafish Core Facility Chemistry Reports data. (internal)
01/10/2011 Completed Zebrafish Core Facility Chemistry Testing report mechanism (internal)
01/03/2011 Added InX/OutX and Generation to Zebrafish Core Facility Tank Management (internal)
12/13/2010 Added ability to add new block for cryopreservation storage. (internal)
11/29/2010 Implemented new "Favorite Lines" feature to allow users easy access to their favorite lines of interest.
11/08/2010 Implemented Zebrafish Core Facility Shift Duties reporting form to assist ZCF staff with communication
10/18/2010 Added new cryopreservation "Sample Management" page in preparation for 2D barcoding of cryo tubes (internal)
10/04/2010 Complete "Behavioral Assay" framework to record assay results (nicotine, hyperosmotic stress, etc.) against each line.
09/20/2010 Changed "SEC" terminology to "GBT" to better represent the "Gene Breaking Transposon" work that is being done.
09/20/2010 Added "Add Tank Note" functionality to Zebrafish Core Facility barcoding system (internal)
08/09/2010 Added "Expression Summary" table of images to bottom of each line's topic page
06/21/2010 Added "Tagged Gene List" page

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