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  • Zebrafish Lines or GBT lines

  • On zfishbook, zebrafish lines have been given a unique gene-break transposon (GBT) number. Each GBT line has it’s own line summary page. You can get to a summary page by selecting a line from the "Lines" menu or jumping to a line number. At the top of the summary page is a summary of information known for each line.

  • Finding Tagged Genes

  • If you would like to browse cloned insertions, you can select “Tagged Genes” from the “Lines” menu. On this page you can sort by date tagged, tagged gene name, GBT line number, or status.
    • The default sort order, "Date Tagged", allows you to quickly see the latest additions to the database.
    • If you are looking for your favorite gene, it is easiest to sort by “Tagged Gene”. The gene names come directly from NCBI, so make sure you are using the current official gene name in your search.
    • Line refers to the GBT number.
    • Status is either candidate or confirmed. Candidate genes have a sequence that has been found in the molecular cloning of this line, so it may be the source of the mRFP pattern. However, only confirmed genes have been linked to the expression pattern.

  • Finding Lines by Expression Pattern

  • • Pictures of mRFP expression patterns are routinely taken at 2 and 4 days post-fertilization from coronal/dorsal, sagittal, and ventral views.
    • Each GBT line has an associated media gallery that contains all the pictures or movies associated with that fish line.
    • The easiest way to browse lines for expression patterns of interest is to go to the line summary page for a line (e.g. GBT0001). When the catalogue images have been taken, they appear below the summary for the line. Between the summary and the expression catalogue summary are links for both the previous and next lines. Clicking these links allow you to quickly view expression summary for each line. The full resolution pictures and additional image data is available within the media gallery available by clicking the thumbnail within the summary window for each line, or by selecting media gallery from the main menu.
    • Registered users can label the expression domains using zebrafish anatomy (ZFA) ontology. Labeled images are searchable by using the “search lines” function found under the “line classes” menu item. Only properly annotated lines will be returned through this search.

  • Site Registration

  • Registering for a zfishbook account is not required, since all data is available to non-registered users. However, registration offers a few advantages:

    • Save your favorite lines for easy access
    • Contribute to line annotation
    • Receive future zfishbook newletters and updates

  • Browser Compatibility

  • zfishbook works on most popular web browsers and is compatible with PCs, Macs and many mobile devices. JavaScript must be enabled for the site to work properly.

    We recommend using any of the following:

    • Firefox 4.0 and later
    • Safari 5.0 and later
    • Chrome 13.0 and later

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