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 Media Library Annotated Zebrafish Anatomical Ontology (ZFA) Expression Tags: cardiovascular system, coelom, heart, trunk
Maternal mRFP: Y

Known Phenotypes: Cardiac edema at 3 dpf and homozygous lethal
Viability: lHomozygous lethal

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Lab: Xu lab - Mayo Clinic
GBT Plasmid: RP2.1
Tagged Gene: mat2aa; methionine adenosyltransferase II, alpha a (from GenBank)
Tagged Gene Status: Confirmed
Alternative Gene Names: fd12a12, mat2a, si:ch73-340n8.1, wu:fb95e01, wu:fd12a12 (from GenBank)
Alternative Names: RP2_#135, ZIC7
Allele: xu0364GT

Insertion Location:
  5' Genome: GBT0364_5.txt
  3' Genome: GBT0364_3.txt
RACE Tags:
  5' RACE: GBT0364_5R.txt
  3' RACE:

Links:  ZFIN  Ensembl  Entrez Gene  

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