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 Media Library Annotated Zebrafish Anatomical Ontology (ZFA) Expression Tags: digestive system, gut
Maternal mRFP: Y

Known Phenotypes: No morphological phenotype observed through 5 dpf.
Viability: Homozygous lethal (~14 dpf)

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Line Designation: GBT0101
Lab: Ekker lab - Mayo Clinic
GBT Plasmid: RP2.1
Tagged Gene: dido1; death inducer-obliterator 1 (from GenBank)
Tagged Gene Status: Confirmed
Alternative Gene Names: datf1l, fi35b04, wu:fi35b04, zgc:158157 (from GenBank)
Alternative Names: SEC0025/SEC0026, SEC0101
Allele: mn0101GT

Insertion Location:
  5' Genome:
  3' Genome:
RACE Tags:
  5' RACE: GBT0101_5R.txt
  3' RACE:

Links:  ZFIN  Ensembl  Entrez Gene  

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Expression Summary:

Digital Notebook Entries:

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GBT0101 Phenotype Screen Week of 3/21/10

Pair 1: 24/30 RFP+

Delayed swim bladders 


Pair 2: 22/29 RFP+

Normal swim bladder


Pair 3: 31/31 RFP+

Delayed swim bladders


Pair 4: 22/30 RFP+

Normal swim bladder


3/4 pairs appear to be true INX

No linked phenotype observed for all pairs

Fish collected and fixed for Alican Blue staining

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