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 Media Library Annotated Zebrafish Anatomical Ontology (ZFA) Expression Tags: brain, central nervous system, coelom, eye, head, immune system, kidney, midbrain, optic tectum, renal system, trunk, visual system
Maternal mRFP: N

Known Phenotypes: No direct (modifier effects observed) morphological phenotypes observed through 5 dpf. Strong reduction in viability of homozygous mutants.
Viability: Homozygous Viable; 2/26=7.7% expect 33%

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Line Designation: GBT0078
Lab: Ekker lab - Mayo Clinic
GBT Plasmid: RP2.1
Tagged Gene: grip1; glutamate receptor interacting protein 1 (from GenBank)
Tagged Gene Status: Confirmed
Alternative Gene Names: si:dkey-244b23.1, si:dkey-6a5.1 (from GenBank)
Alternative Names: RP2 276 F0, SEC0078
Allele: mn0078GT

Insertion Location:
  5' Genome:
  3' Genome:
RACE Tags:
  5' RACE: GBT0078_5R.txt
  3' RACE:

Links:  ZFIN  Ensembl  Entrez Gene  

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Expression Summary:

Digital Notebook Entries:

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Phenotype screen for week of 5/1/11

 This week we had 8 prs.

pr. 1 10/18 RFP+ Some neural death looks like bkgd

pr. 2 20/31 RFP+ no phenotype

pr. 3 23/30 RFP+ no phenotype

pr. 4 14/21 RFP+  No obvious phenotype

pr. 5 16/29 RFP+ No phenotype

pr. 6 4/6 RFP+  Some neural death

pr. 7 6/9 RFP+  5 fin margins a little uneven shrunken. 2/5 brain, etc plus noticeable probs w/tail vasc. plexus region

pr.8 7/10 RFP+  1 brain issue.

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 This week we had 6 prs.

pr.1  10/48 with blister  RFP~75%

pr.2  No blister,  RFP~50%

pr. 3  19/63 Blister,  ~75% RFP+

pr. 4  12/53 with blister ~75% RFP+

pr. 5  12/28 Blister,   ~75% RFP+

pr. 6  4/10 ragged tail   ~75%  RFP+

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GBT0078 phenotype screen Homozygous female x heterozygous male

 This week we had 1 inx pr.

100% RFP+  12 with neural death.

reset up as a homozygous female and heterozygous male and check for repeat of phenotype.

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GBT078 phenotype screening week of 4-18-10

 pr.5- 23/29 RFP +, 7 out of 29 had an observable phenotype of mushy brain and curved body. Appears to be linked to red.

pr. 6- 18/28 RFP +, 7 out of 28 had an observable phenotype of mushy brain and curved body. Appears to be linked to red. 


This week we had 2 pairs with ~75% red and phenotype observed in both and appeared to be linked to red. 

See later results for confirmation. 

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GBT078 phenotype screening week of 4-11-10

 pr. 1- 21/30 RFP+, mushy brain and curvature phenotype observed. 

pr. 2- 21/30 RFP+, mushy brain and curvature phenotype observed.

pr. 3- 20/30 RFP+, mushy brain and curvature phenotype observed.

pr. 4- 23/27 RFP+, no phenotype observed.


Three of the four pairs appeared to have linked phenotype and all pairs appeared to be true in-crosses.

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