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"zfishbook, do you have any pharyngeal arch 2 skeleton lines?"

The International Zebrafish Protein Trap Consortium welcomes you to our database. We currently have teams in the United States, Germany, India, Canada, and Singapore implementing gene-break transposons to create expression-tagged, revertible mutations in zebrafish genes. We provide database services on zfishbook for GBT mutagenesis projects in zebrafish regardless of scale to promote shared use of these valuable resources.

We are using gene-breaking transposons to create dominantly labeled mutants in zebrafish (Sivasubbu et al., Mech Dev 2006, Petzold et al., PNAS 2009 and Clark et al, Nature Methods - May 8, 2011). We currently have 818 active or cryopreserved lines from a total of 1168 initially identified lines.

zfishbook is a real-time database with full and unrestricted access to all information. Registration allows you to save your favorite lines for easy access, request lines from the Mayo Clinic catalog, contribute to line annotation with appropriate credit, and puts you on an optional mailing list for future zfishbook newletters and updates. We welcome participation from any and all of our peer zebrafish colleagues. Therefore please consider registering to help annotate your favorite tissues and expression domains.
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All lines on zfishbook are immediately available from the source lab with eventual distribution through ZIRC following synchronization. To request a line, please click on the “request this line” link on the GBT line’s summary page. This link can be found within the summary box for each line.


Karl J. Clark, USA
Xiaolei Xu, USA
Matthias Hammerschmidt, Germany
Sridhar Sivasubbu, India
Xiao-Yan Wen, Canada
Vladimir Korzh, Singapore
Karuna Sampath, Singapore
Stephen C. Ekker, USA

Registering for a zfishbook account is completely optional, since all data is available to non-registered users. However, registration offers a few advantages.

To register, just follow these steps:
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  • Choose a user name and enter your email address. Type the random bolded text. Click the "Sign Up!" button.
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TALEN Design

TALEN Design Tool:
    Mojo Hand

Cre Lines

Looking for Cre lines?
    CreZoo or ZCre

Grant Support

Mojo Hand

Mojo Hand Version 2.0 has been released! New features include CRISPR design options, .bed file output and an updated interface.

Recent Publications

"Mojo Hand, a TALEN design tool for genome editing applications"
Neff,K.L., Argue,D.P., Ma,A.C., Lee,H.B., Clark,K.J., and Ekker,S.C.
BMC Bioinformatics (2013)

"In vivo genome editing using a high-efficiency TALEN system"
Bedell,V., Wang,Y., Campbell,J., et al.
Nature (2012).
All plasmids are available from Addgene:
Golden Gate plasmids
GoldyTALEN scaffold

"Functional analysis of slow myosin heavy chain 1 and myomesin-3 in sarcomere organization in zebrafish embryonic slow muscles"
Xu,J., Gao,J., Li,J.L., Xue,L..Y., Clark,K.J., Ekker,S.C., and Du,S.J.
Journal of Genetics and Genomics (2012)

"Tol2 Gene Trap Integrations in the Zebrafish Amyloid Precursor Protein Genes appa and aplp2 Reveal Accumulation of Secreted APP at the Embryonic Veins"
Liao et al.
Developmental Dynamics (2012)

"zfishbook: connecting you to a world of zebrafish revertible mutants"
Clark, Argue, Petzold, Ekker
Nucleic Acids Research (2011)

"Haploinsufficiency of Target of Rapamycin Attenuates Cardiomyopathies in Adult Zebrafish"
Ding et al.
Circulation Research (2011)

"In vivo protein trapping produces a functional expression codex of the vertebrate proteome"
Clark et al.
Nature Methods (2011)


All plasmids are available via Addgene

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